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Perioperative Blood Management Seminar

On the 9th of September 2011, the Transfusion Outcomes Research Collaborative hosted its annual seminar on Perioperative Blood Management at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre, Melbourne. The seminar presented an overarching view of perioperative blood management (see the Seminar Program below for further details), with presentations ranging from the patient’s perspective to the draft Patient Blood Management guidelines: Module 2 recently released by the National Blood Authority (NBA), to the role of transfusion nurses and transfusion laboratories. Presentations also focused on state-specific patient blood management programs, iron deficiency anaemia, patient blood management in cardiac surgery and cell salvage techniques. The seminar concluded with a lively expert panel discussion with vignettes.
(Image above: Professor Peter Cameron & Dr Simon Towler Chief Medical Officer, WA)

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Expert Panel discussion L-R: Professor James Isbister, A/Prof Larry McNicol, Dr Andrew Watts, Mr Andrew Newcomb, Ms Lisa Stevenson, Ms Bernie Harrison, Ms Mary Comande & Dr Simon Towler.


L-R: Dr Kathryn Robinson, Dr Erica Woods, Dr Merrole Cole-Sinclair





                   L-R: Mr Robert Tilker
                   Mr Phillip Spencer
                   & Professor James Isbister



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