TRIO Stream 3: Human Factors

Human factors is a multidisciplinary scientific discipline which deals with factors influencing human performance, such as physical environments, individual characteristics, and management systems. The discipline can contribute to describing decisions that currently surround the use of blood and its products in acute settings. These decisions are often influenced by more than facts, and improved knowledge does not always lead to changes in practice.

There are three key clinical areas of investigation within this Human Factors Stream:

  1. Trauma and team interaction
    Indications and triggers for blood transfusion and trauma team interactions.
  2. Intensive Care and care coordination
    Process of clinical decision making in transfusion and work cultures. 
  3. Colorectal Cancer Surgery and patient blood management  
    Blood as a life-saving treatment still permeates clinical practice. 

All three domains will have three phases of research investigation:

  1. Baseline investigation mapping human and system factors
  2. Piloting and trialing interventions (in simulated and/or real settings)
  3. Rolling out and evaluating interventions (in real settings)

The outcome of this Stream will be the definition of opportunities and impediments to clinical practice improvement.  
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