Transfusion Research: Improving Outcomes

This the current major project of the Transfusion Outcomes Research Collaborative, having received NHMRC Partnership Project Funding from 2010. 

Under the auspices of the Transfusion Outcomes Research Collaborative, the TRIO Project Partners are:

• Transfusion Research Unit
• The Blood Service
• The Department of Health

This project involves a substantial new body of work, it also draws together and links some previous and established projects and utilises active collaborations from other areas of work of the Transfusion Research Unit.

Research into blood transfusion identifies that whilst it is a vital part of medical practice, critical deficits in our understanding of transfusion persist that must be addressed. Patients expect that this treatment will be given only where it will help them, while the community expects that the money spent on transfusion is being spent wisely and that blood products are safe and used judiciously.

The TRIO program of work aims to address major policy and practice requirements in transfusion medicine. This work will improve the evidence base to inform clinical decision-making regarding transfusion in a range of important clinical scenarios, provide strategies which ensure this evidence is translated promptly into clinical practice, and extend this evidence base to inform clinical policy and planning in Australia.
Partners and Partnership

This partnership presents a unique and important opportunity. For the first time, it brings together the skills of Australia’s national blood service, major policy makers and leading academics to address critical questions in the field. The outcomes of this work will be immediately applicable to pressing clinical and policy deficits, and have the potential to transform transfusion practice in Australia and internationally.

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